COVID-19 EID Guidelines

All praises to Allahﷻ for the blessings and mercy of Ramadhan. We make du’ā that He accept our sawm, ‘ibādah and all devotional acts. The Day of Eid is regarded as the day of prize-giving based on the Hadith of Rasūlullah ﷺ. On this day, Allahﷻ rewards us for our acts of devotion in Ramadhan and forgives us.

15th Shabaan

Humans worship Allah Almighty and He rewards the efforts of the worshippers. But there are some special occasions when one’s heart gets softened and one naturally feels more inclined to His obedience. The softness of hearts deepens as well. On such occasions, the very environment seems emitting spiritual enjoyment. Shab-e-Barat is one such occasion.