History of LSMA

History of LSMA

The Lenasia South Muslim Association main function is to promote and educate our community on the basic principles of Islam. Lenasia South was a very small and under developed residential area with little or no proper infrastructure to provide Islamic Education, no Masjids, no Health or Social Services, and totally inadequate amenities. The LSMA was established in the early 1980’s, by a very small group of Muslims who established Salaah in a house provided by a generous brother. Later in 1986 the first Masjid was build, Masjid e Taqwa and in the same year Madressa for the children was started.

The LSMA grew from strength to strength over the years and to date three Masajeed were built and jointly with LMA five Madressa facilities were established. The welfare of the community became a necessity.  The LSMA introduced a welfare department, which provides financial assistance to the people in need. As part of the welfare, the LSMA also runs a daily feeding scheme for the children attending Madressa .

Over the years, Lenasia South Muslim Association has been striving to serve the Muslim Community of Lenasia South and its surrounding areas in the field of Madressa Education and looking after the welfare of the needy.



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LSMA currently maintains four Masajeed in Lenasia South.

  • Masjid e Taqwa
  • Masjid Uthmaan Ghani
  • Masjid e Abubak’r
  • Musallah at Hospital Hills informal settlement


LMA Madressa


LMA have established madrassah facilities which are situated at various schools in Lenasia South and provides Islamic education to learners of varying ages. Transport can be arranged for Learners from within Lenasia South area by courtesy of LSMA.




The Welfare Department is situated at Masjid Uthmaan Ghani. Office is  open every weekday from 3pm to 5pm. Collection of food hampers takes place on the first Sunday of each month.




The Burial facilities are situated at Masjid E Taqwa.

For assistance please contact ML Shabeer Khan on 0832673090