Burial Services

LSMA lsma-hearsenow provides full funeral assistance with our own hearse and Ghusal facilities which are all situated at Masjid E Taqwa.The Ghusal facility is fully operational with the grace of Allah. Contact one of the following Burial Committee members for assistance:

• Sohail Manga 083 392 2271

• ML Abdulla Sayed 072 217 7749

• Ahmed Bham 082 717 6363

• Ashraf Lakha 083 709 8165

• Abdus Samad Kola 082 599 3752

Click here for a printable PDF  that can be displayed on your fridge or notice board at home with details of what to do when there is a death in the family.


JSTCC is looking for volunteers to assist with safety and traffic control for mayyits in Lenasia South.

Should you be interested in volunteering, kindly complete the form and email to it@lsma.org.za. Below is the link for the form:

JSTCC Application Form