Catering Services

Lenasia South Muslim Association hires out the following :

1 Steel Tables R15,00 Each
2 Chairs R4,00 Each
3 Table Cloth R10,00 Each
4 Plastic Baths R15,00 Each
5 Trolley R30,00 Each
6 URN R50,00 Each
7 Large Pots R50,00 Each
8 Small Platters R1,00 Each
9 Large Platters R2,00 Each
10 X-Large Platters R3,00 Each
11 Dinner Platters R1,00 Each
12 Side Plates R0,80 Each
13 Drinking Glasses R0,50 Each
14 Water Jugs R2,50 Each
15 Ladels R6,00 Each
16 Serving Spoons R1.00 Each
17 Dessert Spoons , Tea Spoons, Forks & Knifes R0,50 Each
18 Porcelain Tea Pots R1,80 Each
19 Stainless Steel Tea Pots R6,00 Each
20 Milk Jugs, Sugar Bowls, Tea Cups & Saucers R1,00 Each
21 Serving Bowls R2,00 Each
22 Stainless Steel Serving Bowls R5,00 Each
23 Soup Bowls R1,00 Each
24 Achaar Bowls R0,50 Each

Please note the following :

All catering items must be collected and delivered by using your own transport.

Hiring of items are charged on a per day basis. Payment must be made when collecting items.

On returning catering items,  payment must be made on shortages and damaged/broken items.

Please contact Suliman from our Catering Services at Masjid Uthmaan Ghani on 082 766 6884 or 073 030 6135 if you would like to hire any catering items.

JazakAllah for you support.