Hijab: This girl slayed her high school with her awesome style

Abrar Shahin, an 18-year-old teen from Clifton High School in Clifton, New Jersey, was recently honoured with the Best Dressed award at her high school. It’s an honour people receive all the time, but what makes this really special is the fact that this girl wears a hijab with a lot of pride and carries herself with a great deal of panache. She doesn’t let anyone else dictate her style. She told Seventeen magazine, “My hijab is my crown. While wearing it, I feel safe and confident with myself.”

Shahin is elated after the win as she sees it as a sign of growing up in a generation that has a greater acceptance about each other’s differences.  In the same interview, she added, “As a young Muslim American woman, it makes me happy to know that I come from an accepting and open minded generation. My sister graduated from the same high school as me 10 years ago, and she says that she would have never imagined winning this award.”
For More: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/hijabi-abrar-shahin-hijab-teen-best-dressed-award-high-school-style/1/453124.html

Source: Islamic News Daily

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