Egypt dissolves 57 NGOs for Brotherhood links

Egyptian authorities have dissolved 57 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for alleged links to the Muslim Brotherhood.
In a statement issued today, Social Security Minister Ghada Wali said that the NGOs had been dissolved in line with a court ruling banning the Brotherhood and seizing its funds.
In September 2013, an Egyptian court banned the activities of the decades-old Brotherhood, the group from which former President Mohamed Morsi hails. The court also ordered the group’s dissolution and the confiscation of its offices and funds.
Since then, more than 1,300 NGOs had been dissolved and scores of schools and hospitals sieze.
Last month, a government-appointed committee tasked with managing the Brotherhood’s assets said that it had frozen the assets of 1,345 Brotherhood members in the past 18 months.
The Muslim Brotherhood was designated a “terrorist organisation” by the Egyptian government in late 2013.

Source: Islamic News Daily

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