As-Sarakhsi on Human Rights: Allah people have sanctity, freedom, and property rights at birth

As-Sarakhsi Al-Hanafi said, “As Allah the Exalted created humanity to carry His trusts, He dignified them with reason and sacred inviolability in order to be responsible for the duties and rights of Allah placed over them. Then He granted them sanctity, freedom, and property rights for them to continue carrying out their trusts. Hence, this freedom, sanctity, and right of property are granted to a person at the time they are born. Those capable of discernment and those who are not are equal in this regard, so likewise sacred inviolability is established at birth whether they are of sound mind or not.”
Source: Usul As-Sarakhsi 2/334
قال السرخسي الحنفي لِأَن الله تَعَالَى لما خلق الْإِنْسَان لحمل أَمَانَته أكْرمه بِالْعقلِ والذمة ليَكُون بهَا أَهلا لوُجُوب حُقُوق الله تَعَالَى عَلَيْهِ ثمَّ أثبت لَهُ الْعِصْمَة وَالْحريَّة والمالكية ليبقى فيتمكن من أَدَاء مَا حمل من الْأَمَانَة ثمَّ هَذِه الْحُرِّيَّة والعصمة والمالكية ثَابِتَة للمرء من حِين يُولد الْمُمَيز وَغير الْمُمَيز فِيهِ سَوَاء فَكَذَلِك الذِّمَّة الصَّالِحَة لوُجُوب الْحُقُوق فِيهَا ثَابتا لَهُ من حِين يُولد يَسْتَوِي فِيهِ الْمُمَيز وَغير الْمُمَيز
2/334 أصول السرخسي
Source: Daily Hadith

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