Price for Converting to Islam – Mumbai Cops Allegedly Assault Man

It was Republic Day this year. As the country was busy celebrating 67 years of its Constitution, the police in suburban Mumbai were allegedly torturing a 24-year-old man for executing one of his basic constitutional rights – the right to freedom of religion.

Sunil Keni alias Mohammed Sadik, converted to Islam willingly ten months ago. But when the Malad police found out, they allegedly picked him up from his residence, assaulted him with belts and batons, kicks and blows, and threatened to implicate him in a false terror case. They warned him that if he did not mend his ways, they would accuse him of being associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). His crime, they said, was Islam.
“They made me do sit ups, kicked me, even assaulted me with fists and blows. And then, they called for sindoor (vermillion) from a local shop and made a tika on my forehead, the sign of a Hindu. They told me that I should shave my beard, cut my hair, and report at the police station every day with the tika on my forehead. If I did not obey them, they said that they would accuse me of being a terrorist with the ISIS, and slap a false case against me. They threatened me saying that if I were shown as a terrorist, they could shoot me with bullets or chop me into pieces and throw my remains away, and no one would ever found out,” said Sadik, who delivers imitation jewellery, and lives in north Mumbai’s Malad area.
Recollecting the day it all started, Sadik said that it was his stepmother who caught him offering the evening namaz at home on 18 January, and informed his father. The father, a practicing Hindu, was furious and took Sadik to the local police station. The cops questioned the youth, even slapped him. Sadik tried to explain to them that he had chosen the religion out of his own volition​, and that his wasn’t a case of radicalisation. But the cops refused to understand. They warned him, but when he did renounce Islam, they picked him up on 26 January and allegedly tortured him
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Source: Islamic News Daily

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