To tackle extremism Muslim liberals must stop sounding like Trump, and Muslim conservatives must stop acting like David icke.

It’s extremely important that when we issue condemnations they shouldn’t be selective and partial. There are two types of condemnations that are generally offered by Muslim leadership.

The condemnations which usually liberal scholars issue after every terror attack with Muslim involvement
The condemnations which usually rightwing scholars issue after the attacks on Muslims by the ruling dispensation.

The intention of liberal condemnations is primarily to curb the extremism among Muslims and offer apologies to the western critics but ironically instead of curbing the extremism their condemnations appear so servile that it increases the extremism among the Muslim youths instead of curbing it. The targeted audience feels another Trojan horse. In the age of information and media, information keeps on flowing from different sources with different versions, the non-condemnation of western foreign policies and related wars and actions might gave them audience in the media and near hawkish policy makers of west but the young Muslims observes and reads versions of reports which are contradictory to the dominant narrative.
Not necessarily the information might be true, but dissecting the lies and researching on the topics is not a hall mark in this like and comment frenzy generation of social media. They perceive that the conflict isn’t one sided, they see that Media discriminate, they see that media label Dylan roof as lone attacker with mental problems but labels Omar mateen a non religious Muslim as radicalized ISIS terrorist. This information cannot go under the rugs without depleting the trust in media and establishment. They don’t have the time to go through the media’s ethics and their standards and their way of functioning it is just plain apparent. It might or might not have a case, but to a plain sight its discrimination and bias.
This discriminatory behavior must be tackled; every type of violent attack must be condemned with equal zeal. But alas our liberal friends sounds more like Islamophobes. Muslim liberals can’t follow antics of Trump and expect support, if they want to get treated as liberals they have to be liberals, they have to follow liberals. You can’t become a liberal just by criticizing especially if you are seen adopting the same Islamophobic rhetoric. The standard of truth is one the effective liberal policy of reform is one, we cannot demand advantage of being Muslims and then use it for just condemning, thinking we are insiders and we can more harsh.
If you want to gain the trust of Muslims in general avoid sounding like Trump. It’s not noble to waste good messages under false rhetoric. In the already divided and deeply suspicious community which is at receiving ends from both sides, who are seen suspiciously by Trumpians and also by the extremist Muslims, forward thinking Muslim scholars cannot afford to lose their space in rhetoric appearing to be servile by saying we want to reform ourselves first than critiquing the western mistakes.
This policy of being selective and inner first isn’t going to have an appeal among the educated and politically aware class of audience. All forms of terror by everyone should be condemned just because the guy happens to be Muslim the crime doesn’t magnify or lessen, just because someone bombs people to smithereens from faraway lands by means of drones doesn’t make them less guilty of terrorism.
Remember when you are failing to condemn those drone attacks or talk about the massive armament of terrorists by the vested governments you are losing your audience to a breed of scholars who talk on these issues with negative mindset, they help radicalize the youth. The liberal scholars are as much to be blamed for the rise of radical scholars as the radicals themselves. It shouldn’t matter whether the tragedy is picked up by the media or not. We cannot afford ourselves to become media driven, because the sector that we intend to target for reforms isn’t driven by media rather it is deeply disappointed by it.
The right wing/the ultra conservative class of Muslim scholars, and the oblivious scholars are not only at odds with the liberals, and west but are also at odds with common sense, and common Muslims, they must realize that their one-dimensional approach of denial is causing the youths to get radicalize. They are not only denying the reality of extremism among a minority of Muslims but are also effectively pushing the young minds towards radicalization. Stop pushing these youths to radicals by not speaking against Muslim terrorists. We have the task of not only saving these youths from radicalization but also we owe to humanity to have sense and to share the grief of the victims. You don’t have to go another extreme of denial of every act, true that media has been unfair and complicit in framing Muslims but not everything is out of the blue.
The unemployment, the ignorance prevailing in Muslim youths coupled with mass distrust of media and anti-establishment fervor, perceived biases and injustices are far more piousness to these young mind, stop giving them motives to be radicalize. Tackle these youth, help them out of their extremist mindset, develop positive working relationship with the administration so that everyone can have safe and secure environment.
The whole world is not a conspiracy; it’s not an alien government as David Icke suggests, government can’t do everything secretively. The problem of hatred against Shias and other minorities in Sunni dominated regions, and vice versa is not the doing of governments. The oppression of the women in the name of Triple Talaq is not doing of RSS or CIA, it’s a Muslim making. If you keep on failing to give the Islamic rights to the deserving and instead keep on blaming governments and organizations this will not help you, it will only radicalize the youth make them more rigid, more rigid towards the issues that were not Islamic to begin with. Increasing amount of distrust in the administration isn’t healthy for the community.
Being vigilant about the administration and dispensations is different than promoting skepticism and pessimism in the youth to purse the utopian concepts of perfection. What perfection can be attained by people who aren’t good enough to immune themselves against alien conspiracies? Reform and de-radicalization are not our enemies. Stop giving the name of Islam to criminal practices and incite people for terrorism or Triple Talaq. Those practices were never sanctioned by Islam.
Bringing on Hitler, or Stalin isn’t going to help. The act of a single murder by a Muslim of anyone is akin to killing whole humanity: that is the basic teaching of Quran. So citing Hitler or Dylan isn’t going to make the crime less severe, if the media is in denial about Dylan, we don’t have to be about ISIS. If media is in denial about Myanmar we can adopt the same attitude in Syria and Nigeria. If media doesn’t want to be fair we can’t follow their path. Stand up speak against every form of injustice.
We can’t afford to be vocal only about Palestine, Myanmar and keep mum on what Assad, ISIS and Nusra are doing in Syria, we can’t afford to speak on rights as minorities but then fall silent when it comes to allotting the same to minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and in Middle East. Syria is pure Muslim problem, west didn’t started it, it’s a civil war. Attacks on minorities in Pakistan haven’t got anything to do with west, it’s our problem and these are our fault lines unless we address them what right have we got to complain?
It’s a huge task to both sides to achieve moderateness that Islam aspire for. Swinging into extremes is not going to solve any problem be it of reform or of issue of radicalization of youth. You both with mini adjustments in your discourse towards common sense can bring a huge reform to Muslims and Muslim youths. We owe it, let’s work for it. Stop following the Trumps and Ickes of world and lets achieve moderateness by addressing the events as they are not how we can benefit out of it. Instead of using tragedies to promote ideologies or vindicating stands, let’s work to avoid them and create a more adoptive and peaceful world.

Source: Islamic News Daily

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