India-Pakistan: Media on fire

India and Pakistan are once again at odds and the issue in question is, once again, Kashmir. The area claimed by both countries has seen endless clashes, protests and curfews on the Indian side, including the most recent attack on an army base, which left 19 Indian soldiers dead and the media on fire
The Indian government was quick to blame Pakistan for the attack, adding to the rising tensions along the Indo-Pak border.
Media in both countries have a big story to cover, and the airwaves are abuzz as the rhetoric on both sides gets ratcheted up higher and higher.
On the Pakistani side, news stories are leading with statements of denial from the military, while Indian mainstream media openly discuss appropriate terms for retaliation.
On both sides, the media are not making the jobs of diplomats or the government any easier, adding fuel to the fire. Talk of war is more serious than it has ever been before.
“What’s worse is that Pakistani channels, most of them do not air in India … and Indian channels do air in Pakistan, but definitely not the newsy channels. That ends up basically creating two very different vacuums. Pakistanis and Indians are consuming different news about the same events. So it’s, unfortunately, driving a serious wedge between the two countries,” says Wajahat Khan, anchor at Dunya News in Pakistan.
Talking us through the story: Wajahat Khan, anchor, Dunya News (Pakistan); Sonia Trikha Shukla, strategic affairs analyst (India); Amber Rahim Shamsi, anchor, Dawn TV (Pakistan); Bhupendra Chaubey, anchor, CNN-IBN (India).
Source: Al Jazeera

Source: Islamic News Daily

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