Protests against Donald Trump’s win turn violent

Protests in the US against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s election victory have turned violent as demonstrators take to the streets for a second day.
Thousands of protesters on Thursday threw objects at police in Portland, Oregon, and damaged a car park, the Portland Police Department said on Twitter.
Some protesters sprayed graffiti on cars and buildings and destroyed shop windows, local media in Portland reported
“Many in the crowd are trying to get anarchist groups to stop destroying property, anarchists refusing. Others encouraged to leave area,” the department said on Twitter after declaring the demonstration a riot
As thousands of people marched, some vandalised shop windows, lit firecrackers and set waste bins on fire.
An estimated 4,000 protesters chanted “We reject the president-elect!”, with some throwing objects at police, prompting several arrests.
On the East Coast, protests occurred in Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, while on the West Coast demonstrators rallied in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland in California besides Portland.
Dozens in Minneapolis marched on to Interstate 94, blocking traffic in both directions for at least an hour as police stood by
A smaller band of demonstrators briefly halted traffic on a busy Los Angeles freeway before police cleared them off.
Baltimore police reported about 600 people marched through the downtown Inner Harbor area, with some blocking roadways by sitting in the street.
Two people were arrested, police said
In Denver, a crowd that media estimated to number about 3,000 gathered on the grounds of the Colorado state capitol and marched through downtown in one of the largest of Thursday’s events.
Hundreds also demonstrated in Dallas.
Thursday’s gatherings were generally smaller in scale and less intense than Wednesday’s, and teenagers and young adults again dominated the racially mixed crowds.
“Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!” Trump said in on Twitter on Thursday night.

Police pitched special security barricades around two Trump marquee properties that have become focal points of the protests – his newly opened Pennsylvania Avenue Hotel in Washington DC and Trump Tower, where he lives in Manhattan
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