These Women In Tamil Nadu Have Just Heard About Demonetisation

While millions of people were cueing for hours to deposit their cash in banks and to withdraw the new notes from ATMS, it turns out that there were a few elderly citizens who missed out on the all drama and turmoil of demonetisation.

In other words, they have only recently heard that the Modi government scrapped the ₹500 and ₹1000 notes in November, and they are now seeking help in exchanging their cash for the new notes, The Times of India reported on Monday
Since Friday, two women in Tamil Nadu have approached bank officials to deposit their old notes, TOI reported. Saroja, 83, the wife of a former serviceman from Velapadi in Vellore, had managed to save ₹40,000 worth of his pension money. The elderly woman tried to deposit the amount that she had saved in ₹500 notes which are now of no value.

Saroja did not know about demonetisation even though she lived with her family, although she lived in a different part of the house, TOI reported.
Kammalamma, who lives alone in the Keeraikuttai hamlet of Serpadi, had also not heard of demonetisation until recently, TOI reported. The 85-year-old recently tried to exchange her savings worth ₹8,000, which includes the money from her old-age pension
Bank officials have reportedly written to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) seeking advice on how to proceed because they are no longer allowed to receive old currencies
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