Kitaab’Shauqe Watn’ (Desire for the Aakhira) by Hakim al-Ummah Ml Ashraf Ali Thanawi

InshaAllah, every Thursday, before Esha Salaah, lessons and discourses from the kitaab’Shauqe Watn’ (Desire for the Aakhira)  by Hakim  al-Ummah Ml Ashraf Ali Thanawi will be delivered.
The kitaab is a collection of ahadith focusing of obtaining the virtues , rewards of facing the challenges of a pandemic and to create the desire to do increase in good deeds to draw the mercy of Allah and obtain rewards in the Aakhirah. Focus on aspects of tawakkul and tadbeer (adopting means  and taking precaution) will also be  included.
The lessons will be conducted prior to Salaatul Isha , every Thursday over the next few weeks.
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We make Dua to Allah that He  sends down mercy upon the Muslim Ummah and humanity in easing and eradicating the challenges  in the face of this pandemic . We make Dua that He grant all the marhoomeen who have passed away high stages in jannah and grant complete shifaa and recovery to those who have taken ill. Ameen

Ml Muhammad Akhalwaya