LSMA Masjid App now Live!

As-Salaam-Alaikum Community Members,

Lenasia South Muslim Association now has mobile presence via the Masjid App

We felt that a Mobile App would allow us more real time connection with you all.

The Masjid App enables community members to stay connected with the masjid . As a subscriber to our masjid you will receive instant notifications about events, important announcements , prayer time changes etc., right on your mobile device. You can also make donations too from your phone !

Please download The Masjid App from the AppStore/Playstore or by scanning the QR Code below. Once installed , click on Use Current Location or type “Masjid Taqwa” , “Masjid Uthman Ghani” , ” Masjid-e-Abu Bakr” n the search bar. You will see a list of masajids. Click on the > arrow next to “Masjid Taqwa” “Masjid Uthman Ghani” , ” Masjid-e-Abu Bakr” to open its page, and tap follow.

Android –

iOS –

Once subscribed you can do the following :

Check current prayer iqama times at the masjid. And every time the prayer time is changed you will get a notification on your phone.

Know who the Khateeb will be at next Jumuah – STILL IN DEVELOPMENT

Announcements – never miss important programs as you may have missed the announcement at the masjid. You can now see all announcements on your phone real time and get a notification too.

Events – you can see here list of all our current events and sign up for any event .

Donation : You can even donate directly to the masjid via the app – STILL IN DEVELOPMENT

Jazak Allah Khairan

Lenasia South Muslim Association

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